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Gary Hall Posted By

Apr 13, 2015

FBI Echoes Giraffe Warning

Have the FBI been reading our blog? You might think so, judging by their latest public service announcement. Just a few weeks after we cautioned readers about the important of keeping your WordPress website updated, the American spooks have echoed our warning. It’s vitally important for everyone with a site on the hugely popular WordPress […]

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Gary Hall Posted By

Mar 30, 2015

Is Someone Sending Spam as You?

Here at Giraffe, we scan an awful lot of emails every day, so we tend to find out when there’s a major new spam attack pretty quickly. We’ve seen quite a few recently that at first glance appear to come from legitimate companies. They’re from genuine company email addresses with genuine signatures, valid names and […]

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Scott Reed Posted By

Feb 26, 2015

The Giraffe Guide To…. PASSWORDS!

These days, just about everything we do online requires its own password. We’re asked to think of new ones so often that most people use the same password for everything. That’s not really the cleverest idea, but in reality it’s what happens when you have so many to remember. I tend to group things, so […]

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The Giraffe Team Posted By

Feb 4, 2015

The Giraffe Guide To… KEEPING UP TO DATE

You’re probably used to following the on-screen prompts from Microsoft to update Windows whenever security patches become available for your PC. But is everything else in your IT system up to date? If the answer’s “No”, you could be leaving yourself and your business vulnerable to hackers, fraudsters and other assorted bad-guys. Follow our simple […]

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