IT Support

Maintenance Contracts

Giraffe Solutions offer more than just a number to call when something goes wrong. We’re here to help you with any questions you may have or any advice you may need, while constantly keeping your business in mind.

We give you information on the latest technologies to help your business move forward and ensure it doesn’t get left behind. We’re here to respond to problems but, most importantly, we’ll also try to prevent problems before they occur. Our systems monitor your organisation’s assets and ensure they don’t stop business.

We’re able to resolve most problems remotely with the minimum of disruption. However, if this is not possible, or if you prefer on-site support, one of our engineers can resolve the problem in person.

Our experience has led us to know that many IT service levels are manipulated or even misleading. At Giraffe Connected Solutions we do things differently. When you call Giraffe, your call is answered by an IT expert rather than a call centre operator, meaning most calls are resolved immediately.

Each month our IT Maintenance Contract clients receive a report on all word carried out, detailing the overall health of your IT assets and any problems you may have had. This allows us to spot potential issues, assess training gaps or recommend changes in equipment, with data you can use to make the best decisions for your business.

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One-Off Support

If you have an IT project or a problem and no IT support we can help. This will be charged at a fair hourly rate and will be completed to your satisfaction and fully documented. Documentation is something to which we give a high priority, enabling any IT professional to diagnose, upgrade or repair your equipment in the future. We feel this is essential to organisations that don’t have a single IT supplier.

Some of the ad hoc services we offer:

  • Server installs, migrations and upgrades,
  • Server diagnostics and repair,
  • Workstation and laptop diagnostics and repair,
  • Hardware and software purchasing,
  • Network diagnostics and repair or improvements,
  • Virus and malware clean-up.


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