FBI Echoes Giraffe Warning

Have the FBI been reading our blog? You might think so, judging by their latest public service announcement.hacker-300x205

Just a few weeks after we cautioned readers about the important of keeping your WordPress website updated, the American spooks have echoed our warning.

It’s vitally important for everyone with a site on the hugely popular WordPress platform to make sure their installations are as up to date as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large organisation with multiple websites, a single user running WordPress for a hobby website you have created at home – or a law enforcement agency for the world’s biggest superpower, for that matter.

This is especially true now that hackers sympathetic to the ISIS group, which is currently wreaking havoc across large swathes of the Middle East, have begun defacing WordPress-based websites.
How close to home this danger can be was graphically illustrated by the recent website defacement suffered by Sowerby Primary School in North Yorkshire.

Various post-installation plugins, as well as the actual platform itself, require regular updates to keep them secure and free from vulnerabilities.
One such plugin recently identified as being particularly vulnerable is the very popular WP-Super-Cache, which has over a million users.

If you have this WordPress plugin installed, we highly recommend that you update it to the latest stable/secure version (currently version 1.4.4).
On top of the WordPress Plugins and the WordPress platform your website theme will need to be regularly updated to ensure it’s also secure and stable.

We advise all WordPress users to back up their website files and databases before updating any plugins.

This is something we can help with. If you’d like to ensure your WordPress install is secure, contact us for your free WordPress Scan.

We can also perform full security audits of your website, office and infrastructure.

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